Heat loss – insufficient thermal insulation

At Thermograph, our highly trained staff comprises experienced engineers, using state-of-the-art equipment, provide reliable services, such as:

– Inspection of walls that show signs of moisture, due to insufficient or improper building insulation.

– U-value calculation of the appropriate thermal insulation thickness and type, achieving the best cost-performance ratio (Ufactor service).

– Provide recommendations, suggestions, and options so as to determine the optimum, most effective thermal insulation / waterproofing solution.

– Required rehabilitation work so as to solve moisture problems (implementing home improvements is a cost effective strategy, resulting in energy consumption reduction up to 40%).

– Renovation project thermal insulation quality control.

Proper thermal insulation creates a comfortable, healthy, and energy-efficient living environment for you and your family, results in significant savings in renovation costs avoiding structural components damage and helps increase your home’s value and lifespan.

Inadequate and insufficient thermal insulation creates unhealthy living conditions. It can also cause high energy bills and degrade the value of your property.

The Elite software U-Factor program is a powerful tool that we use to assess heat loss. It can help us calculate the minimum thickness and type of thermal insulation required, so as to maximise benefits at the lowest costs.