Preventive inspection of electrical systems, mechanical equipment and facilities

Inspection and Testing of Electrical Installations

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Certainly, all business operations need to continue continuously and consistently.Therefore, every business needs stable and uninterrupted power supply so as to prosper. At Thermograph, we have worked with many companies carrying out periodic electrical inspections to ensure continued safe performance of their electrical installations. We pride ourselves on providing the highest levels of professional service to our clients.

Inspection and Testing of Mechanical Installations

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Thermography is based on the following principle:  Any object of a temperature above absolute zero  emissions an amount of electromagnetic radiation that is proportional to its temperature.

Infrared Thermography allows us to monitor equipment performance and predict potential faults in rotating machinery, any machine with rotary motion devices, transmission mechanisms, mechanical systems with multiple frictional contacts, pipes and valves, internal combustion engines, etc.

Frequent monitoring of temperature distribution ensures equipment effectiveness and improves the overall efficiency of production line.

Monitoring of Electronic Circuits

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Overheating causes damage to the circuit components and can lead to performance reduction and failure.

Thermography can show equipment overheating and allow for advance warning of problems prior to failure. It is widely used for preventative maintenance on mechanical and electrical systems.

Frequent thermographic inspections, detect possible heat losses or refrigeration loads, monitor computer operation, monitor the performance of UPS, power supply devices and systems of relay protection.