Our company has extensive experience in monitoring, detecting, locating and fixing problems in buildings and facilities, using Infrared Thermography.

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Εικονα 25 Εντοπισμοσ Υγρασιασok Υπηρεσίες Θερμογραφίας

When humidity in your home is excessive, it’s imperative that you identify what is causing the anomaly…

Εικονα 35 Θερμικεσ Απωλειεσok Υπηρεσίες Θερμογραφίας

Proper thermal insulation creates a comfortable and healthy environment in the house…

Θερμογραφημα Υπηρεσίες Θερμογραφίας

Infrared Thermography allows us to effectively inspect a building…

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At Thermograph, our qualified and experienced staff…

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Thermography is based on the following principle: any object of a temperature…

Εικονα 18 Εγκαταστασεισ Φωτοβολταικωνok Υπηρεσίες Θερμογραφίας

At Thermograph, we can monitor the condition, operation and efficiency of solar panels / photovoltaic cells…

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Our highly specialised engineers, craftsmen and team of specialists…

Certified 15+ years

Keep your home dry and healthy
Increase the life span of your property’s assets, decrease energy consumption for up to 40%, enjoy quality of life, get rid of moisture and contribute to the protection of our environment.

20 Thousand


20,000 photos of high thermal sensitivity and accuracy, with excellent reliability / clear
assessment of problem areas.

30 Years

of Experience

Our staff’s academic diplomas, certifications, expertise and 30 years of experience, ensures
the successful completion of each and everyone of your assignments

Why us


We use the latest technological equipment that deliver precise measuring results.


As proof of trustworthiness for our clients, our company has undergone audits by independent bodies for the certification of our equipment and personnel in accordance to leading international standards.


Our services pricing is reasonable, in line with today’s financial reality. Just ask us and you will be pleasantly surprised. We simply offer the best pricing.


Excellence is what drives us. We offer our clients innovative solutions and services with high quality standards. Our dedicated team of qualified and certified technical experts use the most up-to-date technical equipment available.


Our 30 years of technical and professional experience guarantees the successful and qualitative handling each and everyone of your assignments.


At THERMOGRAPH, our support professionals can answer any question and respond to all your requests quickly and effectively, before and after a project. Our goal is to foster and maintain excellent customer relationships. This is why we stand by you at all times.